When you think about healthy living, the first things that may come to your mind are what foods you eat, how much you exercise, and how much sleep you are getting. Now those are all important things and we need live with healthy doses of each, but what if I told you that your Spiritual Wellness and Emotional Stability are just as important to how healthy you are? You might think I am a little crazy, but it is very true! When we look at our own lives, it is easy to see what happens when stress and emotional instability take over our lives. In my own life, I have found that when I am under pressure and my emotional stress is high, my health declines fast. Stress causes us to do things that we wouldn’t normally do within our own lifestyles. We decide that we are going to eat a food that we normally wouldn’t, stop exercising, sleep less, etc. Many of these issues stem from us falling out of our spiritual or emotional norms and we need to be sure that there is a balance in our lives.

The goal of this portion of the site is to give you all tools that will equip us to find deeper and more stable emotional and spiritual wellness. The deeper we go, the more that the stability can loosen and the bigger the fall may be. This may lead you to ask, “Why would I even bother then?” Good question. As a Christian, I know that the path that we are called down is to follow the lead of Jesus Christ. He faced temptation, He faced adversity, and He faced all these under extreme pressure. He has called us to follow Him and replicate what He had done. Now we aren’t to go it alone, because we have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide, discern, interpret, heal, teach, etc. We also have each other for encouragement, accountability, mentoring, etc. God’s promises are great and I cannot wait to show you all that we can learn together as we dive into the lifestyle that the Bible teaches us to live.

I will be on this journey too. In this journey we will learn how to read the Word of God, pray, praise, teach, serve, and other actions like these. My main source will be the Word of God and I will pull in the opinions and ideas from other people as well. I will also show you the importance of taking action on healthy living. We need to take great care the vessels that God has created for us. I hope and pray that we stay on the narrow and do not give in to the “quick fixes” that our culture drives down our throats. Join Hollie and me as we plant our roots into the Living Waters of the Word of God and Healthy Living.