About the Website

Ezekiel 31:7 says,”It was majestic in beauty, with its spreading boughs, for its roots went down to abundant waters.” When my wife and I thought of starting this blogging site, we had this piece of scripture in mind. We as a human race need to get back to our roots in healthy living and spiritual wellness. God has given us so many tools to live a healthy, pure, and holy life, but it seems that so many of us today look for it in all the wrong places, or not at all. Hollie (my wife) and I (Tyler) have seen so many different places full of “quick fixes” and we are ready to show people a better way. There is no quick fix in directing our lives to a deeper and fuller life. We need to dive deep into the Word of God, consider what we put in our bodies, and be aware of what is going on around us. Our hope is that we post ideas and tools that will guide us to finding our roots again. Walking a deeper life with God, while honoring the temples that He has made for us. Our prayer is that you don’t see any of our posts as a “quick fix” but each a direction on the path of fulfilling the Will that God has given for your life. Join us in our journey as we find different ways to walk down the path of healthy living, deeper spiritual understanding, and emotional stability.

About the Authors


Hollie has always been dedicated to serving others. Her dedication has led her to go on many different mission trips serving poor and disaster stricken areas. There, her eyes were opened to the many needs of broken and hurting people. To capture this passion at home, Hollie pursued a career in nursing. Her background in biochemistry, her ICU nursing experience, and her endless hours of research prompted her to seek ways to restore the body’s natural healing processes. Combining these two passions is what led to the creation of this blog. It is her desire to educate and inform others on how to pursue a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Tyler is very passionate about equipping people to live out the Word of God. Through serving people in all areas of life, he has seen how the Gospel can drastically change a person’s life. This passion of his lead him to become a Youth Pastor and his passion is supported by his schooling in Biblical and Theological Studies at Liberty University. He is training to become a ministry leader in his local area along with providing guidance through this blog. He is looking to provide these tools through this blog along with his wife Hollie. He will provide ways to hold a balanced spiritual lifestyle that helps people find their place in the Will of God.