Healthy Gift Ideas

I’ll be the first to admit that I am terrible at gifts–both giving and receiving! I never know what to get others and I don’t ever know what I want for myself! In the last few years, I have made a drastic lifestyle change, which has come at a major cost! When I started on my real health journey, I had no idea what I would need or want to accompany me on this journey. So, I’ve made it easier for you! Here’s a list of some of my favorite items I’ve accumulated along the way, and a few items that are on my wish list! 🙂 Jumpstart your health journey by sharing these healthy gift ideas with family and friends OR help others jumpstart their journey by gifting them with some of these amazing gifts! Enjoy!

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Home Essentials


Coconut Oil: You can’t go wrong with coconut oil. Whether you use it to cook with or use it in all your DIY recipes, coconut oil has a long list of amazing health benefits! Be sure to by an organic, virgin, cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil!

Castile Soap: Castile soap is a basic ingredient in so many DIY recipes. From shampoo to dish soap to hand soap to a veggie wash, this versatile soap creates a chemical free base allowing you to clean without the toxins!

Epsom Salts: Epsom salt, otherwise known as Magnesium Sulfate, provides us with a very important mineral in our bodies: MAGNESIUM! Not only is it an easy way to boost magnesium levels, it also helps your body detox, fight inflammation and illness, and relax those sore muscles! Don’t forget to buy some baking soda to help neutralize your bath water!

Bentonite Clay: Bentonite clay is known as “one of the most effective and powerful healing clays.” This clay can be used internally or externally and helps detox the body by absorbing and eliminating toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and impurities. It is used in a number of DIY recipes!

Witch Hazel: Another crazy versatile product is witch hazel! It’s known for its astringent properties, but can basically be used for all things skin–bruises, rashes, burns, itchy skin, varicose veins, stretch marks, acne, and more! This product can easily be used to make your own face wash, baby wipes, deodorant, and even as dandruff treatment!


Apple Cider Vinegar: Unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurized, organic, and raw ACV has so many beneficial uses. Flavor your food, boost your health, or use it in DIY recipes, ACV can do it all. We always have it on hand!

Reusable Sandwich Bags: Help the environment and your family’s health! Ditch the ziplock plastic bags and try these as an alternative. Real quality bags that are non-toxic, phthalate-free, lead-free, BPA free, PVC free, heavy metal-free, and uses food safe fabric. Plus they come in fun designs!

Glass Water Bottle: For the essential oil lovers, GLASS bottles are a must. Citrus oils are powerful enough to eat away at plastic and leach nasty chemicals into the water. For an oil lover, or just someone on the go, give them a quality glass water bottle!

Homeopathic Kit: This homeopathic remedy kit is made for beginners. With 18 basic remedies, this kit can be a go-to when symptoms strike! This kit also comes with a free course, so you can learn which remedy to try for your symptoms!


Healthy Body


Dry Brush: Dry skin brushing is known to stimulate the lymphatic system, helping the body to naturally detoxify. Doing this before an epsom salt bath can further help you eliminate toxins! Dry brushing also helps exfoliate the skin and increase blood flow.

Nontoxic Nail Polish: Did you know nail polish contains hazardous chemicals? Try these non-toxic nail polishes, free from toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor! Oh, and Don’t forget the nail polish remover!
(read more about nail polish options here)

Acure Shampoo & Conditioner: You may not quite be ready to master your own DIY shampoo and conditioner (no worries, we’ll get you there). But for now, try switching to a safer shampoo and condition that are free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives and artificial colors. As a bonus, these are organic and fair-trade!

Foam Roller: Foam rollers are excellent for breaking up lactic acid and easing sore muscles. If you’ve been exercising for years or just getting started, a foam roller is a must-have to keep you feeling great post-workout!

Cell Guard: Cell phone radiation is proving to have some serious consequences. As people are getting cell phones earlier and earlier and cell phones are becoming more and more advanced, our radiation exposure is at an all time high. A cell guard blocks the dangerous radiation without affecting your cell phone’s performance. These are awesome wallet phone cases.


Defender Pad: Computers, tablets, and other devices also give off radiation. This radiation exposure is small, but it builds up drastically over time and can cause inflammation and damage. These defender pads come in a variety of colors, are safe & effective, and are easy to transport with your devices!

Infrared Heating Pad: This is by far my favorite investment. While it is a bit pricey, it is 100% worth every penny. Unlike a regular heating pad, the far infrared rays given off from the pad penetrate deep into the body. This helps ease pain, helps detoxify the body, boosts metabolism, increase blood flow, boost immune function, and so much more. Plus they are way safer than electric heating pads and are very low in EMFs! –> I can’t rave about this one enough :).

Essential Oils: Are you ready to start your oily adventure? Or are you ready to give the gift to your friends or children? Then consider the best deal out there for essential oils–the premium starter kit! Not only will you get 11 amazing oils, you get a diffuser! If you are looking to get healthy in 2016 or are wanting to follow the DIY recipes I post… buying this set is where to start! Once you do it, you won’t ever look back. Sign up as a wholesale member to receive 24% off this amazing deal (visit here for more detail on essential oils).

EO necklace: It’s like a diffuser that you can take with you wherever you go! Put a drop of your favorite oil on the designated area, wear the jewelry, and look & smell great at the same time!


Rebounder: Move that LYMPH! Yep, a rebounder is just a mini-trampoline, but it has mega benefits! Great exercise, increases lymphatic drainage, easy on the joints, improves balance, helps digestive function, and MORE! Plus, its fun, easy to do, and can be done anywhere!

Blue Blockers: Know someone who doesn’t sleep well? Have them try blue blockers! These glasses block blue light, the light that stimulates the brain. Wearing these glasses just a few hours before bed can dramatically change the quantity and quality of your sleep! There are all different styles, so don’t be turned off by the cheaper styles (welder’s glasses!).

Acupressure Mat: Otherwise known as a “bed of nails,” an acupressure mat uses tiny plastic stimulation points to improve blood circulation. These mats have a number of benefits, including: helps with muscle pain, increases endorphins, improves oxygen uptake, and improves organ system functioning. While lying on the mat can be uncomfortable at first, your body will quickly adjust and find that the mat provides pain and stress relief.

Workout Cards: Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. Draw a workout card while watching tv and perform the exercise during the commercials. Or use the cards to formulate a greater routine. Just keep that blood flowing!


Gym Bag: I don’t know about you, but I can’t go anywhere without a duffel bag. Yes, even to the gym! Plus, gym bags often carry a lot of bacteria if used for a long period of time. If you use one often, make sure it gets replaced!

Pull Up Bar: I hate pullups… because I can’t do them well. Having a home pull up bar is a great way to practice everyday, even if you can’t do them! It isn’t nearly as embarrassing when you try them in the privacy of your own home!

Fitbook: Basically a fitness and nutrition planner, a fitbook helps keep you organized and on track with your goals! This is a great little guide to help you stay honest with yourself and be rewarded at the end of your journey!

Sports Equipment: Don’t neglect your everyday sports equipment. A great gift for new athletes or for old! This makes a great gift for the whole family!


Amazon Prime Membership: I use our Prime account at least once a week. Needless to say, it saves me a lot of money every year. Give this amazing gift to someone else, or use it for yourself! You won’t regret it!

Healthy Spirit


Bible: There’s no better way to start or end your day than to read the word of God! Spiritual well-being is an important part of physical health and overall wellness.

Journaling Bible: This is one of my favorite things! This bible has room on the sides of pages for you to create a masterpiece inspired by your readings. If you haven’t heard of this, google ‘bible journaling’ for some awesome creations people have made! If you aren’t super creative, there are bibles with pre-drawn creations for you to color!

Prayer journal: Journaling your prayers and the prayer requests of others is a great way to talk with God and to remember each prayer request and look back on how God is working! This makes a great gift to someone looking to go deeper in their spiritual journey!

Candles: Candles are a great way to set a relaxing environment. Unfortunately, most candles have toxic ingredients and fragrances. Try these coconut wax candles or these beeswax candles for a healthier candle alternative!

Adult Coloring Books: yes, you read that right! Relax and COLOR! Coloring is a great way to relieve stress and enhance creativity. Research actually shows adult coloring can help with emotional and mental health issues!


Massage Table: If you have the table, you will be inclined to use it! Massage nights in our household are the best! So relaxing and refreshing to the body (and spirit)!

Tea Kettle: Make yourself a relaxing cup of tea! But to do so, you need a quality and healthy tea kettle! Le Creuset has my favorite tea kettle (and my favorite cookware all together)! Top off this gift with some fantastic herbal teas!

Board Games: Encourage each other to unplug and spend time with friends/family! We love bananagrams, card games, and catch phrase!

Hammock: This is basically giving the gift of relaxation ;)! Enjoy spending time outside, taking in nature’s fresh air!


Healthy Home


Thrive Market Membership: If you want a quick and easy way to save TONS of money on healthy foods and products, a Thrive Market membership is a must. The membership is $60 per year, but I’ve saved over $800 on groceries this year. Best $60 I’ve ever spent. Plus, they have tons of deals on top of their wholesale prices and I end up getting free stuff with almost every order. YES. (Learn more about Thrive Market here)

Dryer Balls: Dryer sheets are loaded with chemicals and are highly toxic! Try out these wool dryer balls, and I promise you won’t miss those dryer sheets! Smart Sheep wool dryer balls shorten drying time, soften and fluff fabric, and reduce static. (Learn more about dryer sheets here)

Juicer: This juicer is ideal for first-time juicers! Juicing helps you easily absorb nutrients from fruits and vegetables! The many benefits of juicing does not stop there either, juicing can also help you detox, lose weight, boost your immune system, increase energy, and support brain health!

Squatty Potty: Buy it as a gag-gift, sure, but just know that whoever ends up with it is going to drastically change their bowel movements–for the better! A Squatty potty helps you eliminate faster and more complete by putting your body into a natural squatting position over your own toilet. Whoever gets that gag-gift will thank you!


Shower Filter: As you know, water is filled with hazardous chemicals. One of them being chlorine, which is terribly harsh on the skin! Anyone who has dry, flaky skin, dandruff, redness, or other skin issues should be sure to try out a shower filter!

Cookbooks: If you are looking for some healthy but amazing recipes, Against All Grain is a cookbook for you. No one will ever know that these recipes are paleo! The author has 3 amazing cookbooks… check them out! Meals Made Simple, Delectable Paleo, Celebrations.

Salt Lamp: This lamp is made from natural salt crystals that give off a warm amber glow. The Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp also works as an air purifier. When lit, the lamp emits negative ions that fight against positively charged particles that cause you to feel stuffy and sluggish.

Diffuser: Make the room smell good, purify the air, or use it to distribute healing oils into the air. The uses are endless! We have one in every room of our home!


Honeysticks Beeswax Crayons: Finally crayons that are truly nontoxic! These crayons are handmade with 100% beeswax and non-toxic pigments. Absolutely no paraffin wax or cheap fillers! The beeswax is a natural byproduct of honey production, so there is minimal impact on the environment! They come in both thick and thin sizes designed to fit the hands of both younger and older children!

Blender: There is nothing like having a great blender, especially when making a smoothie! Vitamix blenders are fantastic, but expensive! If you can afford it, I highly recommend it! Otherwise, a Ninja blender or a nutribullet are other great options at a much cheaper price. My ninja blender has had plenty of use and has been going strong for the last 6 years!

Berkey: This water filter will give you the best, purest tasting water out there. It’s simply amazing! If you aren’t aware of the dangers in your tap water, read this post. We got our Berkey as a gift, and I literally jumped for joy. Berkeys come in all different sizes, so choose which one is right for your family. Also make sure you get the package deal with the fluoride filters. Get that fluoride out of your water!

Infrared Sauna: This is on my wish list! Someday I want a real durable far infrared sauna, but until I have room for one, this portable one will do! Detox and heal your body with some far infrared rays. So. Many. Benefits.


Food Processor: For our family, this is a kitchen must-have. Slice, shred, knead, chop, puree, this food processor does it all… and does it well. From nut butters to perfect sweet potato chips, this food processor gives you so many options!

Instant Pot: Another kitchen must-have! This is a 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Cooker–Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Saute/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Steamer & Warmer. This is probably the most highly recommended kitchen appliance out there. Make cooking your meals simple and cleaning up even easier!

Spiralizer: Make noodles out of your veggies! A simple and healthy alternative to spaghetti or pasta! Zucchini noodles (zoodles) are a fan-favorite! And shoestring sweet potato fries! Yum!


Soda Stream: We bought a soda stream in an effort to break our family’s soda habit. Soda streams provide the carbonation, but you can use your own filtered water (we use Berkey water!) and flavoring agents (we use essential oils!). It really gives you a great alternative to soda! Read more here about ways to kick the soda habit!

Wheatgrass Juicer: Juicing wheat grass requires a special juicer. Most are handcranked juicers that specialize in extracting everything out of the wheatgrass or barleygrass. This juicer is stainless steal, non-toxic, easy to use, and easy to clean!

Immersion Blender: Some things are just easier to blend using an immersion blender, such as when making mayo or smoothies. I found my immersion blender particularly useful in college. It’s easy to clean and easy to store!

Salt Block: Did you know you can cook on a salt block on the stovetop and on the grill? This adds some extra YUM to your food and provides extra minerals found in the Himalayan salt!

Nature Lovers


Organic Seeds: Ready for your own garden? Or at least a few herbs to grow in your own kitchen! Buy some organic seeds and save lots of money at the grocery store!

Gardening tools: Don’t forget tools for your garden!

Go Berkey Kit: This product can be used for biking, hiking or can simply follow you to the office or school. Small enough to fit in a limited space, like a backpack and powerful enough to clean water pulled from nearby streams, the Go Berkey kit is optimal for emergency situations and physical activities where you need frequent, fresh, clean water. The Kit includes: a sport bottle, a 1 qt stainless steel GO Berkey, and a black Berkey filter.

Tent: A few days out in nature can be healing for the body and the soul. Get outside, sleep in a tent, and bask in nature’s fresh air! Plus, it can be super fun 🙂


Camera: Capture nature’s beauty with stunning photographs! This particular camera is highly rated and comes with a bundle of items, including additional lenses, memory cards, filters, and a tripod! Buying my camera was a big purchase, but photography has become a fun and relaxing hobby of mine!

Solar Cell Charger: Okay, this product is super cool! Obviously going camping without your cell phone would be great, but realistically that’s pretty hard for most people. Recharge this unit using solar power or by outlet.

Fire Pit: If you can’t make it out to a campground, try a fire pit in your own back yard! Roast some [healthy] marshmallows with the family and enjoy nature’s fresh air. Find reasons to get outside with your family!

Paleo Meals to Go: Eating paleo on a camping trip is really not an easy thing to do. Paleo Meals to go, however, has made it much easier! These freeze-dried meals are super easy to take on any trips—out in nature, traveling in the car, in airports, etc! Lots of flavor and meal options and super easy to make… just add water!


I hope this gift guide gave you plenty of ideas for birthdays, holidays, and/or just thoughtful gifts! And remember… it’s okay to buy yourself gifts too :).





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